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‘I have no heart to lie’


Foreclosure Law in Practice – What it Means for You

In theory, foreclosure sounds like a complete mismatch between a homeowner and an aggressive bank. But in reality, many homeowners are successfully defending their homes against their mortgage lenders.

In order to learn more about foreclosure law in practice, and what it means for you, listed below are a few of the most important foreclosure laws for residents of Ohio.

Truth in Lending Act. This federal law, commonly known as TILA, requires mortgage lenders to fully disclose the terms and conditions of home loans. In the past, lenders often clouded the actual interest rate homeowners were paying, which led to the creation of a law that monitored unscrupulous banks. If your mortgage lender violates TILA, it might provide a defense for your foreclosure case.

Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act. Another federal law, RESPA, provides further protection for homeowners by requiring mortgage servicers to allow consumers full access to the…

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Deadly Clear

By Sydney Sullivan

confiscatedIf you really want to revive SAVE the economy… Either the Congressional legislature or the courts are going to have to confiscate the bank patents.

Those on the cutting edge of foreclosure defense realize that the “new” securitization system was completely patented from the cradle to the grave in the USPTO… as if to make it appear legal. From the very inception of securitization starting with the Fannie Mae 1003 loan application software to the Wells Fargo targeted sales system… to foreclosure, REO and beyond …each and every step has been developed by some sharp IT guy and likely the idea and eventual purpose, patent and use was created from an idea by the higher-ups.

If the fraudulent foreclosure scheme, a defunct economy and the lack of any meaningful indictments within the TBTF cabal is bothersome… even in lieu of the huge fines, penalties and settlements for fraudulent activities that…

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Oh No! Look Who Came in the Back Door…


Justice League


Remember those big moving trucks being loaded with scores of WAMU loan documents down in the heart of Texas and then transported to Mexico as caught on film by a local TV news group.  The saga continues.

Intrepid foreclosure fighter, Dr. James Madison Kelley, has filed a sworn affidavit of  WMBFA borrower, Karen Armstrong, in US Bankruptcy Court in San Jose, California in support of his adversarial proceedingsagainst JPMorgan Chase Bank NA and Washington Mutual Bank FA   The revelations may prove to be groundbreaking relative to the locations (or absence thereof) of the true blue-ink original mortgage loan documents, i..e. Notes, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust.

Karen Armstrong, stated under oath that in July and August 2013 she had spoken three times by telephone with Chase employee, Ashley Curry, of the Chase Executive Offices concerning the destruction of all the Washington Mutual Bank…

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Buzz, Block and the Libertarian Power Class

Executive Who Committed Suicide Anxious Amid Deutsche Bank Probes

Executive Who Committed Suicide Anxious Amid Deutsche Bank Probes.

If you had only told me.