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April 16, 2012

The events herein described are just the very tip of the iceberg at VCY —- I worked there for several years and am fully aware of her father’s serial abusive behavior….Vic does have a problem with the truth….his deeds tell you who he really is…

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*Update* Announcement Regarding My  VCY Email

June 7, 2011 in Family | Tags: Christian Ethics, VCYAmerica, Vic Eliason

My Dear Christian People: For sometime, I’ve been warning the listeners of the VCY AMERICA CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING of the abject evil that emanates from those seated behind the microphones of  the vcy america broadcast network.

 Those who claim to speak God’s truth, must first demonstrate that they can  effectively promote Christian truth and  love within their own household.  Frankly ,this comes as no surprise that the owner and manager of VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK would be seriously flawed in promoting any type of truth ,from whatever source and from whatever direction.

Vic Elason has a serious problem with the TRUTH and it manifests itself in his dealings with his many employees and members of his own immediate family.

Many of you already know this ,therefore I’m inviting you to read the…

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